Do you have an iPhone 4 with a broken front or back glass? Cracked iPhone 4 screens are surprisingly common in Perth, often due to accidental drops. Did you know that 15% of iPhone 4 owners break their screen within the first year?

As iPhone 4 screen experts, we offer a fantastically convenient onsite service with express 30 minute screen repairs done on the spot. Saving you time, money and hassle compared to your manufacturer repair options.


We provide 6 months warranty on all iPhone screen repairs, giving you absolute peace of mind.

Pictured: iPhone 4 Front Screen prior to installation.

iPhone 4 Front Screen Assembly:

Apple designed the front screen on the iPhone 4S & 4 with a glass screen + a touch sensor + a LCD all fused into one component. Even if it’s just the glass that is broken, this whole assembly must be replaced. Making it a bigger job than most people expect.

In fact 27 screws need to be taken out and then put back in just to replace the front screen on an iPhone 4S! This is best left to a specialised professional for a guaranteed high quality repair.

Pricing for screen repairs:

iPhone 4S (Model A1387 on back)

- Front screen                          $199          Inc GST

- Back glass replacement         $99           Inc GST

iPhone 4 (Model A1332)

- Front screen                          $179          Inc GST

- Back glass replacement         $99           Inc GST

How long does it take?

Your repair is started instantly, rather than just sitting on the shelf for hours or days. That’s what we call express!

Repair Time:

iPhone 4 or 4S front screen assembly               30 minutes

iPhone 4 or 4S back glass                                   5 minutes

Country Customer Mail in Service             24 hr turnaround

Express Service:

All repairs come with our famous onsite service for amazing convenience. For a limited time this is available at no extra cost within 15km of Perth CBD!

Get expert repair for your cracked iPhone 4 screen

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We are an independent Perth iPhone Repair service and are not endorsed by or connected with Apple Inc in any way.    

Even though data loss is very rare, are not responsible for any data, back up your iPhone regularly. Refurbished parts may be used for some repairs.

                                                                                                                                                                                            Last updated 3rd July 2013

Did you know?

Free Network Unlocks

Instead of paying for an unstable software unlocking service via jailbreaking, you can simply call your network provider and they will often do it for free!

iPhones are tough

iPhone’s are surprisingly tough, this is because the important components are tucked away safely inside the strong metal frame. We’ve repaired iPhones which have been dropped out of 3 storey buildings or run over by huge mining trucks and still worked perfectly after replacing the front and back screen!

Even if your iPhone is really smashed we promise to 100% fix the problem or you don’t pay a cent. You have zero risk with our service.

Up to 6 weeks to repair an iPhone
Did you know that your phone network provider may take up to 6 weeks to service your iPhone’s cracked screen? Imagine being without your iPhone for that long!

Apple service:

Apple’s official policy is for a maximum flat fee of $269 to exchange a broken iPhone, no matter how damaged, for a refurbished iPhone of the same model. This means that you should never pay any more than $269 for any type of iPhone repair.
For older models, and depending on if you go into the Perth store or mail it in the post, the price is even cheaper.

For a direct quote call Apple on 133 622.

Apple’s website is

If using this option, be sure to back up all data (phone numbers, photos, email settings etc), to avoid accidentally loosing any when you transfer it. For water damaged iPhones for example, we suggest Apple as a good option, much better than the broken old phone laying in the cupboard collecting dust.

The best solution a cracked iPhone screen:

If your phone has a cracked screen, then our professional express onsite repair service is significantly faster, easier, and better value for money than your manufacturer repair options.

Recent Customer Reviews of our service:

“Had my iPhone sorted within the hour”


“Excellent service, quick, reliable, very professional. Greg did a great job at a very decent price - feels like a new phone!”


“150% happy and satisfied with my experience. Professional, reliable and responsive service.”